Fundraise with Bakers Delight

30 May 2019

Bakers Delight are bringing back their online fundraising form for the Pizza campaign offering customers a way to raise funds for their schools and community groups in an utterly delicious way!

How does it work?
Bakers Delight RRP of a Pizza is $4.50. On the Automated Ordering Form organisations/ customers will be able to purchase it at $3.50 each and onsell it to their organisation at the full price of $4.50. This will generate $1.00 from each Pizza sold for their cause. The bakery will get $3.50 from each Pizza sold.

For example, if a customer purchases 10 Pizzas, they will pay the bakery $35.00 ($3.50 per Pizza) and then onsell the Pizzas for $45.00 to their organisation. This will generate $10.00 in donations for their organisation.

How do customers place the order?

  1. Customers fill in the order and submit on this website
  2. Select the Colonnades store by typing in either Colonnades or the postcode 5168.
  3. The order form will be automatically emailed to Bakers Delight Colonnades. 
  4. The franchisee will then need to call the customer and confirm the order as well as organise payment.