New Foot Locker store

17 May 2018

The much awaited new Foot Locker store opened in April. Now located on the upper level across from The Coffee Club, this beautiful new store compliments our fashion strip nicely. 

Foot Locker's rise to the top of the industry started more than 40 years ago as a bold experiment. In 1974, there were just three types of sneakers to choose from: tennis, basketball and running. That was it! The idea of a sneaker collection with various models in various types was truly revolutionary. But we spotted the potential, took a deep breath, crossed our toes and made it happen. Introducing a range of Sneakers to the world for the very first time. Now with over 1800 stores across the globe, stocking everything from classics to exclusive lines, making us the world's leading retailer in athletically-inspired shoes and apparel.

Foot Locker is constantly at work to make sure you stay ahead of your game. Our partnerships with the top players in the business mean we can offer you sneakers and apparel that you won't be able to find anywhere else. And with more exclusives than ever before, you will always get your hands on the latest in athletic and athletically-inspired style.