Onkaparing Youth Enterprise Hub

Onkapringa Youth Enterprise Hub.


In November 2016 research into opportunities for youth enterprise development was undertaken by Onkaparinga Youth. The research project mapped current resources and services and identified opportunities for improved service provision making a number of recommendations to inform work in this area. The recommendations were that this could be supported through the Pop Up Creative Enterprise Hub.


The Pop Up Shop provides a mixed use creative enterprise hub located in Colonnades Shopping Centre facing Ramsey Place. The space donated by Vicinity Centres (Colonnades) provides opportunities to develop:


Workshop, training & meeting space

Retail and exhibition space

Open social and recreational space

Co-working area

Customer service/community information desk

Hospitality enterprise


Following the success of the recent partnership between Onkaparinga Youth and Vicinity resulting in the Pop Up youth arts space, Round Pegs Square Holes, Vicinity were more than delighted to offer space in kind for the Onkaparinga Youth Enterprise Hub.


Onkaparinga Youth services have created a range of innovative opportunities for youth and community engagement by being able to provide from this additional youth space. The development of the space supports young artists, makers, designers and brands to showcase and sell their products, contributing to a thriving grassroots creative economy.


A range of arts based and entrepreneurial development workshops and programs provide opportunity for creative expression and skills development further contributing to the development of the local creative economy. This space also offers a physical space for early stage enterprises and freelancers to develop their businesses and connect and collaborate with fellow youth entrepreneurs.


In addition to the creative and enterprise focus of the hub it provides an additional space for the youth service to deliver its diverse range of arts, music, recreation and leadership focused youth development based programs.


The shop is open to the public

Wednesday – Saturday

 Wed: 1pm – 5pm

Thurs: 3pm – 7pm

Fri: 1pm – 5pm

Sat: 12pm – 4pm