RAA Foodbank Mobile Food Hub

News| 7th October 2020
RAA Foodbank Mobile Food Hub
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On October 15th from 7.30am - 12.30pm the RAA Foodbank Mobile Food Hub truck will be parked in the Colonnades car park near the Williams Shoes entry doors.

The Foodbank team will be collecting donations of food, groceries and personal items in their drive for anti-poverty. Their aim is to fill the truck with much need supplies that can then be distributed within our local community to those most vulnerable and in need.

You can donate tinned food, everyday household items, personal items, etc. As long as the seal has not been broken, the product unrefrigerated, past it's used by date and/or unlabelled.

Did you know that 126,000+ South Australians access food relief every month and charities report that 7,876 people in South Australia can't be assisted each month*. That's a lot of people going hungry!

If you miss the Mobile Food Hub you can also donate at our RAA store between 10th-18th October 2020.

Products they CAN accept:

  • Short coded product
  • Excess product
  • Product not meeting retailer specification
  • Discontinued product
  • Product requiring relabelling
  • Under or over weight product
  • Private label product
  • New product lines or promotions which didn’t take off
  • Product withdrawals if they’re still fit for use

Products Foodbank can NOT accept:

  • Regulated products such as alcohol, tobacco or drugs of dependence
  • Product past its use by date
  • Product more than 6 months past its best before date
  • Product where the packaging seal has been broken
  • Mouldy or rotting product
  • Product where the cold chain has not been maintained
  • Product subject to a safety recall
  • Unlabelled product provided without ingredient details

*statistics - https://www.foodbank.org.au/hunger-in-australia/the-facts/?state=sa

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