Radio Rentals Hi-Tech Hub

Owned and operated in South Australia for over 50 years, Radio Rentals is a trusted and highly recognised household name. Our huge range of big brand electrical, appliances, devices and furniture come with free delivery, free installation, and a 30-day price match guarantee that ensures you always receive a fair and competitive price. We’ll also protect you, covering you for repairs, fire damage, and theft throughout the life of your rental term. Buy outright, or choose from a variety of affordable rental options, including our popular no-deposit ‘Rent & Upgrade it’ or ‘Rent & Keep it’ plans. We are the experts when it comes to rental, in South Australia. We have a massive range of products that can be rented from all the leading brands which include: Furniture Rental,  Camera Rental, TV Rental, Washing Machine Rental, Computer Rental, Laptop Rental and Fridge Rental.