Important COVID-19 update

From Tuesday 17th March until at least Friday 20th March, Woolworths will have a dedicated shopping hour from 7am to 8am for the elderly and those with a disability (where possible). Customers will need to show a valid concession card to enter...



Woolworths love Australia, and they love being Australian. That's why 96% of the fresh fruit & veg they sell comes from Australia, grown by true-blue farmers right across the country. 100% of their fresh meat comes from Australia too. After all, Woolworths ARE Australia's fresh food people.

They understand Australians want the freshest food at the most affordable prices. This is not only what defines, but excites them as The Fresh Food People. And they're so confident in delivering you the freshest fruit and veg, that they'll refund any item you're not fully satisfied with. It's all part of their 'Fresh or Free' Guarantee.