Cherry - Real burgers, fresh ingredients

03 Dec 2019

Have you tried the Cherry range of burgers yet? Word is travelling fast that this new kid on the block is serving up some seriously delicious meals!

On their menu you'll find cheeseburgers, double cheeseburgers, hamburgers, buttermilk chicken burgers, vegan patty burgers and their gluten free lettuce cup burgers - all of which are made to order. Pair these with the classic crinkle cut fries or tater tots, and SA based Jolt Cola and you've got yourself a tasty feast.

Using only the freshest SA ingredients Cherry's patties are made with SA meat, their Brioche buns are baked locally using a house recipe, and then there's the famous South Australian AMSCOL sundaes and thick shakes!

Cherry is open for lunch and dinner - 11am to 9pm - seven days a week and are located outside the Eastern entrance, just next door to Kintaro Sushi. 

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