Maintain a healthy routine, anywhere!

28 Jul 2020

There’s no time like the present to get on top of your health and well being, and while the cold weather makes for a good excuse to remain warm and cosy indoors, you can still setup a workout space without having to leave the house.

Setting up your workout zone

The key to remaining focused during a workout is to find a space that allows you enough room to stretch out and move around, plus hide away from any potential distractions. Set up a circuit fitness mat to minimise strain on muscles and joints and have a towel on hand for quick drying of sweaty surfaces.

Add some motivating elements

There’s nothing worse than completing a workout without music. Time passes by creepishly slow! Invest in a set of wireless headphones or have a speaker nearby and turn up the volume and help you get in the zone.

Track your fitness 

Keeping an eye on the number of step you do each day and challenging yourself, or someone else, can be a great motivator to keep moving. Gadgets these days can not only track the amount you move but remind you to hydrate, keep an eye on your stress levels, nudge you to take some quite moments and even monitor your sleep.

JB Hi-Fi have all manner of tech to make sure your health and fitness are being cared for. It's never been more important to take care of yourself! Head in store for advice on the best option for you.

Be inspired

Lorna Jane can help with some inspiration. Their blog has some fab content to help you feel your best. From recipes to their great free LJ app that makes being active easy. The app can help you track your daily movement and has different exercise routines for cardio, strength and stretch.

Tap into workouts for your mind and body, like 'At Home Abs Workout', 5 Booty Building Moves or is yoga more your thing? Perhaps the last couple of months has left you in need of some advice on 'How to Reset & Recreate Positive Habits'.

Of course a new Lorna Jane outfit can put a fair bit of pep in your step too! New colour block styles, crop sweats and travel pants to name a few.

Hit the Road!

Being kind to your joints is super important whether you are just starting out or pounding the pavement on a daily basis.

Foot Locker can sort your feet out with an array of styles to suit your needs and your fashion statement. Basketball, running, cross training, just looking slick - Check out their latest arrivals in store. 


Upping your water intake helps with energy levels, performance, body temperature, joints, nutrients, flushing out waste, glowing skin. The list of benefits is long.

It is also easy to forget to hydrate during winter months when the weather is cooler but it remains of utmost importance. Here are a couple of tips to keep the intake regular:

  • Keep a bottle of water with you during the day.
  • Go to bed with a glass of water next to you so you can start the day with a healthy drink.
  • Add lemon if you don't like the taste of plain water. 
  • Drink water when you feel hungry (thirst can sometimes be mistaken for hunger pains)
  • Hydrate before, during and after exercise.

Check out Typo for fun drink bottles to suit your mood.